Thursday, May 31, 2012

The four legged boys!

Mr. Ernie Man turned 3 years old on May 29th!!  You would never guess it by his puppy like ways!
We also missed Milo Browns birthday that was on March 23rd!  He is 2 years old! 
They grow up so fast! 

Milo just a few months old

Ernie just a few months old

They are the best of friends and are happily spoiled rotton at our house
and at Nana and Graddaddy's house. 

Video Games with daddy
Doin whatever they want at Nana and Graddaddy's
Bones together

sittin very nice

walkin the streets

Just hangin
Ernie has realized that Griffin is here to stay so he has started to Embrace him
and Milo absolutely loves him!

Napping together

Tummy Time Together

Ernie and Milo will always be our first children...They are our boys!

His first 2 months!

That's right everyone....I've started a blog!  As all of you know we have been blessed with the most amazing baby boy, Griffin Michael.  And since the majority of Joe's family lives out of town and a lot of mine does as well, I figured this would be the best way to keep everyone up to date on THE GECK MEN AND ME!  Now let me first warn you all, I am no writer like my mom, nor do I have cute witty sayings like the ones your used to on The Mikkelson blog, but what I can do is post tons of cute pictures of all my guys and me...and maybe throw in a funny comment here and there.  I am going to use my first post to catch you all up on whats been going on here the past 2 months.--But first we have to go back further...11 months.

Then we fast forward to March 28th...8:00pm leaving to the hospital.

25 Hours Later ....
Griffin Michael Geck
7 lbs 1.4 oz
19 3/4 inches
Griffin was born on Thursday March 29th at 9:09pm. I ended up having a c-section because his little heart rate was dropping due to his tiny umbilical cord being smashed.
Our first family photo

Meeting Granddaddy and Nana
Aunt Nicole
 "It's a boy" bubble gum cigars with Uncle Eric
 Auntie Frankie
Auntie Patty
Mimi and Peepaw

  We got to go home on Sunday April 1st and
introduce little Griffin to our boys, Ernie and Milo.

 The boys loved napping with Joe while he was off work to help me
Sitting with all my little men

The next few weeks were kind of a blur...
filled with meeting friends and family, and many firsts for our little man!
First Spit Bath
He loved the water!

Meeting his cousin Delaney!
She was so excited to hold him!

Delaney, Brody, and Griffin

Aunt Leigh Ann
Aunt Denise
Cousin Julz

First trip to Target
1st trip to the Dr.
1st trip to Nana & Granddaddy's house

My very first Easter

Mommy's first beer in 10 months!
1st  bottle with Daddy
1st walk

1st full bath
Love to cuddle after the bath


Going to PHX to see Mimi and Peepaw for the 1st time- did great!

Headed to church for the first time

Our 1st Mother's Day!

Daddy and Griffin swim for the first time!
Griffin is a BIG fan of the water!

Our 1st zoo visit!

Not a 1st....I just love this picture!

2 months old!!