Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I am thankful for Madden 2013!

Now for those of you that know Joe and I, you must be thinking WHAT????? Are you crazy???  Your thankful for the game that your husband is OBSESSED with????  And that's just it...I am.  Not because I secretly LOVE the game or even really like it but it makes the man I love happy so therefore I am thankful for it!  Love your face babe!

I am 22 weeks old today!

 Lovin on his Bronco pillow pet
Look mommy-- "I got daddy's hair!"

I thought this next group of pictures was very appropriate due to what I am thankful for today!
(couldn't pick just one so enjoy them all!)

Little Man sitting in his daddy's video game chair "playing" madden

 This cracks me up...he is concentrating hard on the game

 playing with his controller
 playin hard!
Happy boy....Got to sit in daddy's chair and play with daddy's toy! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 months old today!

Can you believe our little man is 5 months old already!!!  He changes daily!  He is sitting up, rolling around like a ball, and eating cereal and oatmeal!  He also decided that sleep is not required....for him or anyone in the house which is so bizarre because he was sleeping almost all night long, but like my mom says, The second you get a good routine down and think you know his habits, he changes.

I am 5 months old today!

We took a lot of pictures in his onesie, so here ya go...

Sittin like a big boy
He is a pro at it!
 reaching for Milo....
 fell onto his belly
 Pictures with mommy

 goofy boy giggling hard

 I want my toes!
 This one cracks me up!
 wow look, I can sit up in this chair too
 trying to eat the blanket
Giggling some more!

 Serious looker

Now some more pictures from the past week or so...ENJOY!

Happy Eater!

Playin in my jumper

Hangin with Stacy
 playin at my cousins

Play time

 My fun big boy walker!
Eating my hands like ALWAYS!
 Honk Honk!
 Now time to eat the wheel
 Sleepy boy...
 but a happy boy!

 Our Super Happy Lil' G-- Loves his toes!
 First time with oatmeal!
 Our biggest problem while feeding him--He wants his toes in his mouth so by the time we are done we end up with food on EVERYTHING!

On Sunday we got ready to watch the Bronco's pre-season game
(yes he reaches for me...can't ever resist picking that boy up)

Getting ready to throw the football at me -- HIS FUTURE!

Sunday night we went to Griffin's first baseball game!  Joe got free tickets from his work, we went with our friend Aaron and we ran into Rene and Brenda.  Griffin had a blast watching all the people!  He loves being outside!

On our way to the game

Hanging with Brenda and Rene

Hanging out on daddy 

 Aaron and my boys

Such a happy boy for morning playtime before breakfast!

eating oatmeal is his favorite for now....we start veggies this weekend!!

 who needs food when ya got hands

Joe's has lots of nicknames for our little guy but he calls him "Handsome" a lot!  So my mom, G's Nana, bough him a super cute onesie to represent!

Such tired would think he would go to sleep now right???......


So instead we sat

then played on the couch
(not great quality pictures but super cute!)

So remember me mentioning that our amazing lil guy is not sleeping?  He was soooo tired in fact that he did this....
Yup, fell asleep in the bath...just silly!

But then....
Joe found a spot that works most times but its on the couch where he can not be left unattended....

So we do get him to nap we just can't leave him alone...but we keep going back to our brilliant Aunt Leigh Ann..."Whatever Works!" and this does... for now.

Updates of all his changes will continue...for now just know we have a very HAPPY, somewhat SLEEPLESS, GROWING, little boy.

Griffin Michael at 5 months old
(unofficial- at home measurements)

Weight: 16.8 lbs
Height: 25 1/4 in