Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our trip to Denver- Day 1

Wow, where to begin!  We took a trip to Denver, CO to see a whole lot of friends and family!  It was an awesome trip and G had a blast.  We got there on Saturday morning and came home Wednesday afternoon.  I took a ton of pictures so I figured a post for each day!  I am not really one that is good with words so there are a ton of pictures, make the captions what you want!

Day 1     - Saturday

It is a very very rare occasion that we get to be at the airport with my daddy at the gate, because of all the security procedures now.  But as we were getting ready to head to Denver my daddy was going to work!  So Griffin got to see his Granddaddy in his uniform at the gate~ Super cool photo session

Griffin wanted Granddaddy's hat...and lets face it, 
Granddaddy is a push over when it comes to his grand babies!

Looking at Granddaddy's super cool tie with lots on concentration

Joe wanted to wear the hat too!

after we said bye bye to Granddaddy it was just a few minutes until boarding

Jumping....his favorite thing to do 

His super cool boarding pass

This means he sits on your lap the entire flight

Griffin's first time on a plane...We were super excited and nervous to how the next hour and 45 min were gonna go, but we were lucky cause on the way there we had an entire row to ourselves!

He did fantastic!!
 --- Me on the other hand about had a heart attack while landing.  For those of you that have not flown in to DIA in the afternoon in the summer time, let me fill you in...IT SUCKS!  It was super bumpy and I handed G to Joe and tried not to pass out with all the turbulence we were having...But we landed safely and I survived another plane ride.

Going though DIA is a long journey....the airport is huge!  So we strapped G into the baby bjorn and away we went...

 Gettin ready for the tram
 On the tram
 Very confused
 Looking out the window

Now for the big moment!!  Get to meet Grandpa and Uncle Stephen--(who gets a new nickname on day 2)--Everyone wanted to come to pick us up but with all our stuff and the 3 of us only 2 other fit 

Then a "HEY GRANDPA" Griffin style

Yup that is a big YACK all over Grandpa!

After all the yummy stuff was wiped up we continued with the photos

Now off to Grandpa and Grandma's house we go

Meeting Grandma, Uncle David and Uncle Matt --(boys renamed day 2)

G really loved Uncle David's shirt

 and Uncle David!

Then Grandpa stole him back!

And Stephen was just awesome with G!
Griffin loves him!

After lunch we went shopping

Then Joe and I left our little man with Grandpa, Grandma, and his 3 uncles for the first time so we could go and celebrate Joe's best friends birthday.  We went up to Black Hawk (Casinos) on a bus with the most amazing people you'll ever meet!  

We had a blast and could let loose and relax

...knowing our little man was in good hands....

Thought that was a lot of pictures??  Just wait, got a ton more!  Day 2, 3, and 4 to follow