Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy busy week...Really really long post!

We had a very busy week with lots of fun events!!  We prepared for Joe's first fathers day and took some walks, had our first thunder storm together, and went shoe shopping!  Be prepared for a very long post with an overload of pictures!!  I am warning you....LONG and LOTS of pictures!

Sunday Stroll with the boys

Tryin out my big boy stroller

Jumper! I'm still too small!

Sitting with Granddaddy on the motorcycle! 

Sittin on the kitchen counter talkin to Nana

Flyin baby!!

For father's day, G and I wanted to get some cute pictures done so we attempted them at Nana and Granddaddy's house but Griffin wasn't in the best mood...

 So the next day after his belly was full and a LONG nap had been taken, we set up our own little photo shoot!  When I was in high school I worked for Jon Wolf Photography....put that to good use!

Got it!!

We also attended the Shaklee party at my sisters house!  Now everyone please please please take a second to check out Shaklee, it is awesome stuff!!
Griffin met Mary and Amy's kids at the party!  It was super hard to get any of the kids to stay still for pictures but we did manage to catch little ms. Brinley very interested in a sleeping lil G

Brody man shared his blankie with Griffin!  A huge deal!  This is HIS special blankie!  Brody is really starting to love his baby cousin!

We needed to run a few errands which included going by my work
where Griffin got to meet Mr. Emory and Ms. Kayla!

More father's day present preparation included Nana, Granddaddy, and cement
His face cracks me up...He is not thrilled with what is happening.  This took a few tries and we will make sure and post the finished product once it cures!

Not all of the week was work...we did hangin and playin too!

Hanging with my daddy

After the busy week we had a very exciting weekend!  Nana's birthday and Father's Day!

First was Nana's birthday!

playin with Granddaddy

Nana & Granddaddy 

Aunt Nicole and Cousin Delaney, G gettin mad..time for nap 

Much better!

Awake and Happy!

Time to chill with my cousins and play flyin baby with Aunt Nicole

Nana and G watchin the big kiddos play

Happy Birthday Nana! Your Grand-babies love you!

Griffin enjoying his first thunder storm

Our baby

We're almost done!  Stay with me people!

Father's Day!!!

We started our day with an early walk with a happy boy!

Sleepy G after our walk

Joe's Father's Day Card

Aunt Nicole stopped by to do some father's day stuff but had to stop and play
While Ernie chilled with Joe

Then it was time to go to Nike so Joe could pick out some new shoes for his fathers day present.  I would pick them out myself but Joe is a LITTLE picky!

Shoe Shoppin for Jordan's in my Jordan jersey!

Stop for kisses! 

We live about 15 minutes from my parents house so we are fortunate enough to get to have big holiday with them!  I've always loved going to hang out with the fam, but it is especially fun now because Griffin gets to swim and hang out with his cousins!  Nothing like family time!

G's killer new swim wear!

G wearin his "landscaping" hat as Joe calls it...gotta block that sun!

After Swimming we all went inside to cool down, play, and watch the bball game.

My niece Kaylie was able to come hang out for Father's Day and she takes amazing pictures so we asked her to get some of G.  He was a little tired and kinda grumpy at this point but Kaylie took GREAT pictures anyway.

Delaney loves her "baby cousin Griffin" she is always right by his side
because she says she is the BEST BABYSITTER EVER! 

I love this favorite! 

Now we got a happy boy!

Had such a fun day but very busy so it was time to snuggle up with the best daddy ever.

Happy Father's Day to my daddy, Granddaddy, brother-in-law, and my other half! 
 I love you Joe, Griffin is the luckiest kid around!

I will leave you all with our finished product...

I warned you it was long! :)