Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for Joe's work!

Most everybody (notice I said MOST everybody NOT everybody) gets a certain kind of perk from their job...discounts, free food, cheap labor, etc. etc.  Well our perk is GREAT deals on cars!

Every so often a deal comes along at his work that is TOO GOOD to turn down!  They know how to hook up their employees!

So this past week while Joe was looking for a car for my friend Stacy, a deal popped up for employees only that was too AMAZING for ANY employee to pass up and with our truck breaking down every now and again, we decided to go for it!

Background on the truck:

1994 Chevy Silverado that my mom and dad bought way back in the day!  This truck was passed from Kelley child to Kelley child as the first car we all learned to drive in and we basically took over as our own one at a time.  My sister then brother then me...I still remember driving it home from the DMV after getting my permit!  My dad never saw the truck again! (Besides when we were pulling away)

Then the truck went to Flagstaff with Josh and he drove it for lots of years, he then bought a car and the truck came back to my dad, or so he thought at least....

But...the awesome car I was driving broke down and I needed something to drive so....back to us the truck came!
Then when Joe and I got married 2 years ago, My parents just decided to give it to us as a wedding gift, and we have had it ever since!

Until last week... sadly we packed the truck to trade it

 Saying buh bye

 Picture with the first thing mommy drove!

But then we got this!

Griffin super excited about being in the front seat with daddy!

 Yay for our new Tribute!
 And YAYA for Jim Click!

P.S> Thank you Royal Auto Glass and Tint (Justin) for our amazing tint!

I am 26 weeks old today!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

Delaney got out of school and we all headed to Chuck E Cheese!!

kids playing games while Lil G watched

way sweet J's

Sweet Brody!
 Delaney loves her "Baby cousin Griffin!"

 First time on a Merry-Go-Round

 My man and me

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday (a day late)

Griffin has been a bit more consuming than usual so it is a day late but I am still THANKFUL!!

I am thankful for FOOTBALL SEASON!

I absolutely LOVE football season!  It makes for such fun Sundays spent with my AMAZING husband and SUPER AWESOME baby, and totally special pups too!  I am especially excited for this season because we have a bigger house then we did before so we are able to have friends and family over to watch the games!!

This football season is also especially awesome because we are going to get a lot more of the games!  Lately (over the past few seasons, since stupid McDaniels came and destroyed our team) Denver has not been too great so they don't broadcast the games most places but Denver....but now we have Manning!!  Which means more prime time games which means we get more!  But No matter what we will see every single Bronco game!

Joe should be a commentator.  If you ever come over to watch a game he is the guy who knows it before the real commentators.  It always continues to amaze me how much he actually knows about football!  I can't wait for him to pass the football madness gene over to our baby boy!  Little G will know more by the age of 5 then most men do about football!  This is very serious!

So in honor of the good ol' Broncos....I set up a photo session....who needs Picture People!

I am 25 weeks (and one day) old today!