Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I am thankful for my new perspective.

I am not the best writer but today I have some things I would like to bare with me.

Ever since Griffin was born I have been changing, almost as often and as much as he is.  One thing that has just recently changed is the way I am looking at my daily situations.  Some people wake up and before they are even out of bed, they make the decision to have a bad day, and lots of people do this without even realizing it.  I'll ask you, are you one of those people who lay in bed for 5 minutes (or longer) and make a list in your head of all the HORRIBLE things that you have to face...."okay here we go another LONG day.  The house is disgusting, the laundry is all over the floor, the dog poop needs to be picked up, bills need to be paid, the dishes are piled in the sink because I still need to empty the dish washer, Griffin is not going to nap so I won't get any of this done and if he does fall asleep Ernie and Milo will probably bark and wake him up and Joe works ALL DAY so today is gonna suck!"-- Yup I am guilty!  I have done it for sure...I was basically setting myself up to for a bad day!  LAME!  Why in the world would you CHOOSE to have a bad day!  Something my new book is showing me is that WE need to CHOOSE to have a good day, and to do that you need to flip your perspective.

Let me show you what I mean

Situation:   Joe works LONG hours.  We are talking 12 - 14 hour days 5 or 6 days a week.

NEW PERSPECTIVE:  "I have a husband who works so hard to give us a wonderful life. Yes he may be gone all day today but because of his job with these long hours we can afford for me to stay home with Griffin which is a gift."

Situation:   Sleepless baby.  We are talking 20 min naps and 2 hour stretches at night.

NEW PERSPECTIVE:  "I have a HAPPY HEALTHY baby boy.  I get to stay home and cuddle my baby boy every day!  SO many people do not get to do that.  And I am lucky enough to have a baby that loves me so much he just can not stand to be away from me!  HE doesn't want to close his eyes cause he will miss me too much!

Situation:  Bills.

NEW PERSPECTIVE:  "I am so lucky to have a place to live, a car to drive, electricity, water and so on and so on...yes I may have to pay for it all but because of my husband who works so hard I am able to do this"

I think you all get the point.  Now I am going to challenge you!  I challenge you to flip your perspective for ONE day, if you can do that make it TWO then THREE and so on and so on!  Take your the things that stress you out and your stressful situations and turn them into blessings.  You have the power to do it!  It is HARD sometimes, trust me!  But try it and see how you feel at the end of the day compared to how you felt the day before.  For me, I am taking it one day at a time but if I CHOOSE to spend my day enjoying life and flip my perspective I know I end my day with a smile.

I am 24 weeks old today!