Sunday, September 16, 2012

Super Sunday!

The Bronco's first game of the season (last Sunday)  Kicked BOOTIE!!  We opened the season with a little church, A LOT of Joe's homemade enchiladas, and great family and friends!  Get ready for LOTS of pictures!

Me and G ready for church! (how awesome is our church that this is what we wear!?)

Home from church and time to help daddy

lots of chicken! 
 big mess!

 Boys hoping he drops all the chicken
 watchin daddy

 kisses for mommy

Kisses for daddy!

 Pregame bottle for G

Pregame shot for mommy and daddy
(always need a shot of Patron on game day!)

Happy Baby Boy up from his nap

Watching the game, eating and playing!

My baby boy likes to pull out eyes
How you like me now????

Happy first game day!