Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Day

Ever since Griffin was born I have been going back to church.  I was going before, but more the occasional go-er.  Something I have watched my sister and Eric do with Delaney and Brody is raise them in the church. Those kids are so sure of their faith, even more so than some adults!  It was a few months ago I was talking to Delaney not sure about what, but she said, and I quote... "Jesus is in my heart" This little almost 5 year old girl knows this!  I admire this completely and knew that I wanted this for Griffin!

So up until now Griffin has been in the "weddin church" as Delaney and Brody call it (its the church where Joe and I got married) with me, but little Mr. G is getting a lot more vocal and is getting a little bored.  Nicole and Eric have been putting Delaney and Brody in bible study classes since I can remember and I decided it was time to start Griffin.  With the encouragement from Nicole and my mom this past Sunday Griffin had his first day in our church nursery.

We each get a bracelet with matching numbers so that I am the only one who can take him!  The number is also used if there is a problem and you need to go get your little one.  If they need to get you, the number on your bracelet flashes on the back wall of the church, like at the DMV except I don't know one parent that is excited when they get called.  So with all his stuff labeled and bracelets on (anklet for him) of we went!

 waiting in line!

After dropping him off I was way more nervous then he was!  He went in like a champ no problems at all.  I sat there waiting for his number to pop up....I always thought it was hilarious the way Nicole and Eric jumped every time a number popped up....Well more Nicole, Eric would hide his number from Nicole just to make her squirm (they each get a bracelet...2 kids).  But truth be told it was a bit stressful....a number flashed and I jumped a little but it was not G mans!!

 He even got this cute little sticker! I've been changed!

That wasn't the end to his big day....He took a big boy bath!

 He loved it!