Friday, November 30, 2012

8 months old! Are you freakin kiddin?

I think the title says it all!  I am amazed at how fast the past 8 months have gone!  What is even more amazing is how different Griffin is now from just 1 month ago!
Lets recap....
At 7 months
mostly army crawling
could pull up but not very well
could stand while holding on to something but very wobbly
no teeth
bucket car seat
was content hanging out on our rug playing
didn't know what it meant to have something he wanted taken away, or what it meant to be diverted away from something
could stand at railing in his crib

At 8 months
FAST in a real crawl
STANDS at EVERYTHING and can let go and stand ALONE
can walk himself along the couch, wall, door etc.
2 bottom teeth
big boy car seat
HATES just sitting on the rug playing...needs to be crawling...EVERYWHERE!
knows what he wants, when he wants and lets you know!
jumps while holding railing in his crib
New fun tricks at 8 months
waves buh bye and hi (when he wants)
 gives hi-fives
closes any cabinet I open and must receive a high five after
knows that when we go in the garage he gets to push the button to open or close it
has the the "mmmmmmmmmmmma" to mama
and newest trick as of this morning...
can walk while pushing Joe's lunch box along the floor
I am almost scared to see what this post looks like a month from now....but so excited!

Now time for a picture dump!

Driving Granddaddy's truck

Playing with his house

Unofficial measurements
(from home)

Weight - 21 lbs
Height - 28 inches

With his first Christmas right around the corner we took some pictures for our Christmas card and there is no way I can wait that long to show you all so is a sneak peek...the rest will be up tomorrow to welcome December!

I DID IT!!! NaBloPoMo is done and I feel so accomplished!!!  30 posts in 30 days!  A lot harder than one may think, especially with an eight month old baby boy who hates naps!  But he makes for the best material!

This month was hard but without Griffin and Joe I would not have been able to do it,
 Ernie and Milo helped too!
Thanks men--Mommy loves you!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for technology!

So I know at the beginning of the month I said I was thankful for my blog....well I am kinda saying it again but I am just SUPER thankful!

Earlier this week I talked to my grandparents, Griffin's great-grandparents, on my dad's side.  My Granddaddy told me how they look forward to seeing my blog everyday!  He told me how much it means to them to see the pictures all the time. He said he feels like they get to watch him grow up, even though they don't see him much.  And my Nanny, Griffin's great-grandma on my mom's side, said she always checks it daily to see how he has changed!

I started this for that exact reason!  So that all our family and friends outside of Tucson, Grandmas and Grandpas, Uncles and Aunts, brothers and sisters, and even friends in Tucson who don't get to see him, would be able to watch our little Griffin grow up!  How awesome is it that technology makes that happen!  Whoa whoa!!!

Love you all so much and thank you for keeping up with our man!

I am 35 weeks today!

Little Griffin is also 8 months old today!!!  
But that post will be up tomorrow...last day of November!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Griffin found the beads

Griffin found the beads....

 "should I move the stuffed animals?" 
 "nah, I'll stick with the beads...."
 "They look better here mommy"
 "I wonder what they taste like...."
 Me- "Griffin....."
 Me - "Griffin...No"
 Me - "Griffin, mommy said No!" 
hahaha, she said no...I'll just smile bigger and she'll take it back
 He could not be more pleased with himself! 

We are in so much trouble!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A daddy moment

Griffin and his daddy reading on the floor....G loves spending time with his daddy

 Thats a great story dad but I think I'll just eat it

Monday, November 26, 2012

Milestone Monday

Forgot to share with ya'll....Look how G rolls now!

 That's right!  Big boy seat!

Poor guy had to get woken up from his nap today to make our appointment so he wasn't too thrilled in these pictures...But I forgot to tell you what a big boy he is now in his new car seat (compliments of the Mikkelsons I will add :) thanks guys!) so I had to share for Milestone Monday!

Oh and another thing...his second tooth is all in and our baby has two teeth on bottom now!