Monday, November 5, 2012

Celebration continued

A few days after Delaney's birthday party we had a jumping castle at my parents house....

Last time we had one, G had just been born so I couldn't go in it....So I was super excited this time to jump with the kiddos!  G even had some fun too!

O how I love these kiddos
When the kids stopped jumping G could go out
Happy Brody Man
something was apparently making me laugh

Little man laughing too
Delaney took this picture
G was a little worried but Delaney did great holding him
sweet girl
Aunt Cole with G
Delaney getting G to crawl to her...HE LOVES HER!
He would not stop starring at Loki
Randal going over to talk to G
Delaney so worried about G

Silly Brody
Workin those gums
G doesn't like to smile for the camera anymore...he makes funny eyebrows
Hugs for Uncle Eric
Hugs for Mommy!