Saturday, February 2, 2013

10 months old.....LONG POST!

I am in complete amazement that our little boy is a walking "talking" 10 month old!  Time is flying by so fast!  People warn you about how fast time goes when you have a baby but I never believed them...I can't believe we are only two short months away from having his first birthday party!

I wish I had some awesome insightful words to share but I am not feeling very creative I will just let you look at our handsome man!

I am 10 months old!

Here is a massive amount of pictures from the past couple weeks...and I am sorry about the lack of posts but Griffin DOES NOT NAP.... like not kidding!!  So time to blog is hard to come by....all these pictures will make up for it!

"helping" with laundry

Playing at Nana and Granddaddy's

Slide time

Nana let me play in the pool water!  Griffin LOVES water...the pool is like one big dog bowl

 Little Ms. Sophie loves the pool too!

wagon time

Happy man

 He loves walkin with his Nana

Having a Popsicle with daddy

Up and wanting out !
I know this one is blurry but its super cute! he is throwing his puppy at me...he thinks its fun to throw everything in his crib, out

 biting on his crib...there are teeth marks along the entire thing!

his worship :)

 he is out...

 going to try and find daddy
 found him!

walking with his Granddaddy

 found his shadow
 running to Granddaddy

this was not such a great day....Broncos last game of the season, should have been a win

Griffin watching the game
 praying for a win

well it wasn't their year but that's alright, Griffin and I still had a fun afternoon! 

 ahhhhh man....they lost

Park time

K these are my ATTEMPT at Artsy photos....If you don't know already I would love to take photography and make a career out of it one here are my starter ATTEMPTS

Our amazing man at 10 months
Unofficial measurements

Weight - 22 lbs
Height - 27 inches