Friday, February 15, 2013

And they're off!!! PHOTO DUMP!

For Christmas my dad got a gift that Joe, Eric (my bro-in-law), Daylen (my nephew) and my dad could all enjoy together...Go to the track and race!

It was a very cold day but we all bundled up and headed out to watch the boys race!  Daylen wasn't able to make it however, he was missed!

Now I have a ton of pictures so just bare with me and Enjoy!!!

This was the first time Griffin had heard how loud it can be when you hit the bleachers....He was loving it!

we tried getting a picture of all the kids....
 hey at least its two of the three
 Griffin doing his best to convince Joe to let him down to walk around...
 oh worked...Griffin has his daddy wrapped around his finger

 Joe's new way for holding onto him
 The hood worked out wonderfully

 Ride the pony with Nana

 The boys...Brody wanted out
 Brody escaped

 Wearing Granddaddy's gloves

 we were waiting for the boys to start we had a snack
 Griffin LOVES pushing EVERYTHING around

 Getting ready to race!

Brody waiting for them to start!
 They are off!
 Brody watching
 It was a close race!  But they finished ....
Joe 1st
Dad 2nd
 Eric 3rd
 Delaney was very sad that her daddy didn't come in 1st

 Brody just enjoyed it!

 G was getting to be done so he hung out with Nana
which always makes him happy
 always good in Nana's hands
 The men!

It was a cold but GREAT day!  Griffin slept soooo good that night!