Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24th ...

I wanted to do a post with a computer decided that wasn't going to happen....

Griffin was asleep on the couch by 5:40 pm...Had a cute picture but I guess 
I'll share that tomorrow if my computer works.

its Monday....

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22nd ... Zoo

Yesterday we had a zoo date....He was not feeling the pictures...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19th. Wacky Wednesday

There is no rhyme or reason to this post...
Wacky Wednesday indeed


  Mr. Tude
 Really G?

 But that face!

 Dogs are a little worried

 He just found out it was time for bed....

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18th ... AdvoCare

AdvoCare Vision

In the heart of every individual is the desire
to become more in life - to be a champion.

AdvoCare offers a proven business opportunity,
world-class nutritional products and
powerful leadership within a culture that
stands for values and integrity.

Thousands of AdvoCare Independent Distributors are realizing
their potential and changing the lives of others.

We Build Champions

This is written on the first page of the AdvoCare product catalog.  I just started taking products a little over two weeks ago.  I started the 24 day challenge...I have never felt better!  What is the challenge?? Well ...  

The 24-Day Challenge™ is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program. Give your body the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals.* There’s something for everyone: weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness.*

I may only have been with AdvoCare for a couple weeks, and no I haven't completed my challenge yet, (I'm on day 16) but I wanted to share my short story so far.

I have lost a total of 10 lbs, AND I just measured my hips and waist ... i have lost 7 inches!  IN 16 DAYS!  Then there is the fact that I am beyond full of energy.  Spark is the most amazing thing!  I personally believe EVERYONE should have a canister in their kitchen!  My gut is also very happy and full!  I just feel GOOD!!!  Oh yea and did I mention that I have made over $200 in the 2 weeks???  I am on my way to making more!!  

My friend Gabbi and I are linking arms and working to help one person at a time!  I asked our friend Mary, who has been with AdvoCare a lot longer then me, to share a little something....So here is what Mary has to say-

The influence to change a life.

What’s your drive in life? Your purpose? What gets you up every morning ready to go? What keeps you fired up and happy? What’s your passion? Those can be some hard questions to answer. My passion has always been to help others. Not just to help them for a day but to make a true impact on their life and therefore change their future. A passion to help others see themselves like I see them. A champion.  A champion worth becoming their very best. A champion whose wings start to fly as their God given gifts start to flourish and they simply begin to believe in themselves.  It may seem like a huge undertaking but over the past 2 years I’ve truly learned to let go and let God and it has been the ride of a lifetime. As a result I’m living a life doing exactly what had been laid on my heart years ago but I’m doing it in a way that I never imagined.

It started about 2 ½ years ago when I hit a low point. My plate of life was simply too full and I was completely overwhelmed.  It was a time when it became very clear that I needed to make myself a priority in regards to getting my core nutrition back on track.  I reached out to a trusted friend for guidance and she recommended I start AdvoCare’s 24-day challenge. I did what she said and my husband joined me for support.  What I saw in the program was hope and a comprehensive wellness program. What I saw was a program that fit into my personal beliefs as an occupational therapist in regards to prevention.  I followed it day after day and check box after check box and by day 24 I had energy like I hadn’t felt in years, muscle definition that was exciting, and most importantly I felt like myself again. I had more patience throughout my days. I was a better mom, wife, friend, and colleague because I simply felt better.  My husband broke through a 2-year plateau, lost 13 lbs, and unknown inches that were huge for him because of an upcoming military PT test!  Although he did the program simply out of support the progress he obtained proved more than just a gimmick.  From that moment I began sharing my results with those I loved. Today I have coached and changed far more lives than I ever imagined. I have watched individuals blossom into a life worth living again.  The power of feeling your best and achieving goals is life changing indeed and I have the privilege of experiencing it day after day!

AdvoCare, from the outside it’s a health and wellness company but from the inside it is so much more than that. We have over 70 products within 5 lines (Active, Trim, Well, Performance Elite, and Supplement Your Skin) that allow me to individualize programs for specific needs and desires. In my opinion it’s all about finding a place to get someone started. It’s about starting to get all the puzzle pieces of health/wellness back together. It may be starting with a full 24-Day Challenge like I did or it may be simply incorporating one product to aid in a specific concern such as digestion, energy, joint pain, or gaining muscle.  AdvoCare has products for all fitness levels from the beginner to the Olympian and NFL level. The combination of quality supplements, support, core nutrition guidance, effective leadership, and a team of coaches with various backgrounds ensure a changed life if someone is ready.  It’s a given that the products work and therefore AdvoCare also helps families financially.  AdvoCare is dedicated to supporting debt free families as well as provide leadership and guidance for those who desire wealth in their finances. What started for me as a grasp for hope turned into earning $2,500 per month and helping individuals and families in both areas of health and finances.  The exciting part is that it only continues to grow as I to share and teach my passion to others.  

For me, my transformation began with AdvoCare’s 24 day challenge. It helped me get all the health/wellness puzzle pieces back together. For me, it was worth it. Are you worth it? YES! You are worth feeling your absolute best. You are worth tackling your wellness goals. You are worth becoming the very best you.  

This is the perfect time of year to give a gift of wellness and nutrition to someone you love!  I know that a lot of people spend the holidays eating sweets but if you order your 24 day challenge now, you can have it ready for January 1st!  An awesome way to kick off the new year!

I am beyond ecstatic about how I am feeling and the extra income I am making for our family!!  I am going to post my website here for you, look around!  Questions...then call me!  And If I can't answer your question, Gabbi knows so much about the AdvoCare products!

Something very exciting happening right now!  Thursday night Gabbi and I will be having a mixer (a night to talk AdvoCare) at her house!  Starting now, any orders you place before or AT the mixer will get your name entered into a raffle to win a box of Spark from Gabbi!  A free box of Spark???  Talk about Christmas early!!

So here is my website!  Check it out! - And if your interested in getting an awesome discount on all the products like me, I can help you with that too!!

Give me a call so I can get you Gabbi's address for the mixer Thursday night!! 520.780.0949