Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3rd....Mommy Tip Monday

I know I know....I have only been a mommy for a short 2 and half years....But when you have a "spirited" little man like we do, ya got to learn things that work!

So for my Mommy Tip Monday....

Be a "YES" mommy!

Now I don't mean just say yes all the time...even though Lord knows that would be easier...I mean don't be afraid to let the house looked LIVED IN!  Something I have been very aware of lately is having fun with Griffin!  Do I want to clean up the living room after we have made a HUGE "hide out"?  No I don't but do I want to see his face when we finish building it???  YES~

Sometimes we forget to enjoy our littles and have fun with them!  I challenge you to be that "YES" mom!

And it also helps when you have a super cool "YES" daddy too!