Monday, June 10, 2013

Family hang out

Lifeguard Mimi

 In the pool...ALL HIS CLOTHES!

 a man and his duck

 Save the beer!!!

 Flyin high!

 Floating with Granddaddy
 Sophie walkin the beach

 Standin on Granddaddy's legs

Love you

 Cheesy girl!

 Just a man . . . in the pool . . . fully clothed . . .with his beer
 playin ducks

 pruned toes
 lock up daddy!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


His poor eye

 Mother's Day Parade through the church

Playing with his Granddaddy
'Let me out!"
 big garage door...he loves opening and closing doors
 On his toes...trying so hard!

 Apparently this is something I used to do as a kid...hang on door while it opened

 Laughing cause he shut Granddaddy out

 Look at all the buttons!

 play time at the water table