Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tree is UP!

We have been trying to figure out what to do about our tree and our little man.  He gets into EVERYTHING so we weren't sure how he would handle the tree.  A few people have given me advice about gating it, putting it behind the couch, not putting one up (ah yea okay whatever!) but we are going with an idea from our friend Meridy.  She has met G and knows his personality so she is thinking what she did for her kids might work for him as well.

She told me to put up the tree how we want, just no low ornaments, then put a basket of toys under it, toys that he is ALLOWED to play with!  Then start to show him that the tree is NOT okay and the basket is okay!  So I figured, lets give it a her is our tree
Um and the Santa hat on top is because we don't have a topper yet, we will be getting one soon

Here is Griffin's basket (also we will be getting a more holiday basket but this is what we had today)

It was time to see which G would choose, I was also kinda thinking since he hates grass he was going to avoid the tree cause it looks like grass...BONUS

He went for the basket! 
 So did Milo
 totally ignoring the tree and helping himself to toys 

 cute little messy face
We are thinking it might be okay...this little man is a smart boy!