Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Play date with a couple pretty ladies

I LOVE when we FINALLY can set a date to get together with these 3 ladies!  Jackie and her girls are amazing!  Here are some fun pictures!

Sweet sisters
G found something fun he wanted to stand at

Happy girl!

He was a little nervous about being on the rocking giraffe 

silly Brielle
This little one sees a camera and gives a big GRIN!

Morgan with her fun sword!

Both crawlers wanted to be under this saucer 
peeking out
couldn't go around...had to crawl over
both going for the sword!
all 3 wanted it
Brielle won!
But G got a turn too


He started doing real crawling A LOT this day...I think he wanted to impress the girls

Morgan and G playing
Brielle laughing at them