Saturday, November 3, 2012

My 1st Halloween!

Well if I am being honest then I will tell ya, I was a little disappointed on Halloween.  I was expecting Griffin to just get in his costume, cooperate and be all smiles and love it...I don't know why....needless to say, not what happened.  He got in the costumes...Smiles....yea not so much, pictures even...not so much!

We first dressed him up in a little Mickey outfit that my mom gave us.  It was a little chilly outside so he wore sweat pants with it :)  This was also his first time on a play set

On our way to the park

  our little Mickey

He doesn't sit for long...gotta start moving

"oooo Rocks!"
 "Get this hat off!!!"

 He loved the sand
 smacking the bar

 "I wanna go up there!"
 Going up
 and he is off

 not thrilled!

Halloween evening he got into his big costume.... A FROGGY!  
HE started laughing at Milo and Ernie smelling him...

 A smile but a little worried
 another worried grin

Off we went

He was NOT thrilled with being dressed lasted about oooooo 3 minutes once we go to my parents  but we got a picture snapped first with his trick or treat bag

After we stripped him of the froggy outfit his Aunt Leigh Ann fed him dinner!

Then he got in his super cute onesie!
picture dump

 way too good at the poutty lip
 "oooo Pumpkin"

 rolled it away....
 got it back!

 "pictures again...I'm outta here!"

play time

Halloween is over and G is pooped!

come back tomorrow for day 4