Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vegas for Mommy and Daddy

Our playground has always been VEGAS!!!  My AMAZING AMAZING parents watched G and the dogs so we could go celebrate our 2 year anniversary and Joe's 32nd birthday!

We were so excited for this trip!  We have been planning it since I found out I was pregnant pretty much...(kinda pathetic right?  well we were excited!)  So we booked flights going into Vegas at 11:30 pm on Wednesday night and not returning home until 8:00 Monday Morning!!!  LONG TRIP! But we figured this is only a once a year thing so we might as well take advantage of it!

We got there so super excited and threw our bags in our room and headed out on the strip!  Night one, day two, night two were just like old times!!!  Day three however, we realized we are not as young as we used to be!  HOLY COW NOT AT ALL!  I used to be able to go alllllllllll night and alllllllllll day in Vegas.  NOT THIS TIME!

Then by night three....WE MISSED G SO MUCH!  I kept texting my parents tell them to send pictures and videos!!  It is so funny, you send so much time wanting a break, then you get one and you don't want it anymore....crazy!

But the trip was so so so so so so much fun!  We got to see One Republic perform on Fremont Street, we saw Turf from America's Got Talent, and we got to spend some MUCH needed time together!  We had actually got to BOTH sit and eat dinner together!  Something that is RARE here!  (Either Joe is at work or G doesn't want us both sitting)

I love Vegas with my best friend, however, we did decide that the next big trip we take needs to include the little man too....I see a trip to Cali in our future!  Disneyland???  Yes PLEASE!

So here is an over whelming amount of silly pictures from Vegas...ENJOY!

Drinks at the airport before our flight!  IT BEGINS!
Our room at the MGM

winning big!
in front of our window


playin hard

Ta daaaa

Fun shooting game!

wrapped up in curtains!

In front of the Excalibur....Joe purposed in front of the Excalibur 3 years ago

Oh man...those are some big margaritas! 
Show at the Mirage

 At the One Republic concert

 Silly BOY!
 He was big

 Not sure what Joe is looking at

 Our EPIC drinks!  45 oz of Bahama Mama....HOLY MOLY!

 Got a fun leather Bracelet for the tube of Jager
 Joe got a shirt!
 A Margarona....The coolest drink EVER!
 I love my honey!  It was a fantastic trip!