Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ooo the water bowl

Griffin has an OBSESSION with the dog water bowl.  I USUALLY remember to move it and put it up after the dogs get a drink but not always!  And when G see's it his eyes light up...he stops the real crawl and drops to his belly to army crawl (he does that faster)

I'm almost there!
Here we go!

I can not believe mom forgot to move it ( notice the huge dimple?  He is smiling BIG!)
Hard concentration
" you see what I'm doing?"
this is new!


Oh....How did water get on the floor? Did I do that?

splash some more
ooooo yea 

Yea I probably should have put down the camera and moved the bowl but then ya'll couldn't see what I see ... and by the way I DID wash his hands after