Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for Christmas coming early!

Did you guys know I like taking pictures?  Like A LOT!  I just love everything about capturing a memory!  Now with little G here my picture taking has reached a new level!  (obviously)

I have been telling Joe how badly I want a really good camera!  Not just one for snapping pictures here and there but one that can catch G's movements and smiles and everything in between.  So he agreed to go looking but it was for CHRISTMAS....ooookay

So we went to Best Buy talked to a guy forever and found the ONE!!!  It was awesome!  Then we left .... without the camera ... sad face right????


Joe is amazing!  The next day he got me the camera!!!!!

Yes this is my Christmas present and yes it is a little over a month early but I can be very convincing and annoying when I want something!

I am so excited to start to learn about this camera and start taking some AWESOME pictures!  

Being a stay at home mom is beyond AMAZING but I need a little hobby....I have my blog and now I have pictures!  A combo that goes great together!  I plan on taking some classes and talking with a certain spectacular photographer to learn and get to where this can be my main hobby (outside of my family).  I am so excited!


I am 33 weeks today!

and into EVERYTHING!