Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Little Miss Delaney Grace turned 5 this last week and we had a gathering in the park!  
Many many many pictures to follow! (like a ton!)

Griffin and Reese just chillin
 Granddaddy with G

 Kids playing
 Reese is crawling!
 Hunter and Reese
 Bye bye Reese
Griffin is NOT a fan of grass!  SO we put a blanket down for him and it was like he was a dog with a collar on in a "fenced area"...So funny, would not step off the blanket!
A little bothered by the grass...
Very bothered by the grass!
very intense eyebrows!

Delaney "na na na na na na"
pause for a picture....
and a kiss for G

Brody Man
G beating up Granddaddy
Having a moment
and a hug
Holly with G

watching the big kids
She spotted G
"Hummmm what you got?"-Brinley
"I'll take that" - Brinley
"Yea I don't think so lady" -G

Reese admiring G's poe holder
"haha look what I got"-Reese 
"Give me it!" - G
"She not sharing!!"
"I didn't do anything wrong!" and how could she with those eyes!
Reese and her mommy!
Brinley and her mommy!

Love this... watch Reese and the yellow football....
She spots it with G
casually making her way over...
slowly making her move....
Yanked it!
Mary with G and Hunter
Kiss from Hunter
Future "in crowd"

Happy birthday girl!
Daddy and G

Sweet little 5 year old!
Joe and a little man getting sleepy!
Cupcake time

I can't wait to look at this picture in 10 years....the it girls with their buddy
walking the park

Love that dimple

Present time
Reese watching
Brody and his Uncle Chris
Time to leave the park and head to Nana and Granddaddy's to watch the Bronco game and celebrate Daddy's birthday!

Watching the game

 Uncle Joe with the kiddos
 Brody with his Aunt D (me duh)
Great day to celebrate the birthdays for these two!
Happy Birthday Joe!
Happy birthday Delaney!