Monday, September 10, 2012

Yummy yummy in my tummy!

We are sooooo excited Griffin has started eating veggies!  It is so funny to watch his face when he tastes something new!  The new odor and color that his doodoo has is an experience all of its own, and the ridiculous faces I make while trying to get him to eat are just silly!  The funny things people do to make a tiny person happy!

Anyway, we decided the most cost effective, and healthiest way to do G's food was to make it ourselves, so of course I NEEDED a new toy!  So my WONDERFUL hubby bought me this...

The baby bullet and baby bullet steamer!!


Baby bullet and super healthy food!

super cute food containers

 Now enough of the appliances, time for pictures of the cute man eating!

Not too sure

 Extra Yucky!
 hold please....
 Green beans....Blah

Yup...its now right between his eyes 

 I'll take the camera

Attitude already... Really???  I have a feeling this is a look I'll be getting a lot!  

More please 
 Squash is excellent!

 Oatmeal mixed in too of course
 Happy boy
Sitting forward
 Now that he can sit up, leaning back is not an easy option

 Our little eater!