Monday, June 4, 2012

Our favorite Day!

Sundays are our favorite day!  No matter what Joe is off work! - (his dealership is closed)  The day always starts with our little alarm clock Griffin getting me up, then Joe gets up and lets me go back to sleep for a couple hours!  IT is WONDERFUL!  After I had a much needed little nap the boys needed to relax as well especially Joe...Little side note- Joe kicked bootie last month at work!  He worked so hard and continues to do it so that I get to be with our baby!

After the naps were done, laundry was put away and doggie doodoo was picked up, we decided it was time for little Griffin to have his first mall trip!  Of course I took a bunch of pictures to document!

Just arrived at the mall, he was super excited!

Looking for shoes with mommy

Had to stop after a "blow out"

First elevator ride!

leaving the mall, tuckered out

He did wonderful at the mall and we had a great afternoon!  We stopped at Costco and stopped by a good friends house to catch up!  Then it was time to come home and get some dinner going!

While daddy grills we do tummy time and the boys watched/napped

Bottle time

And Good night ...