Sunday, August 5, 2012

Out to dinner we go..

My mom was babysitting Delaney and Brody and invited us out to Little Anthony's for dinner!  Griffin was so great!  Just hung out the entire time being entertained by his big cousins!

 He loves watching Delaney and Brody

 Precious faces!!

 Time to sit and relax while mama and Nana eat

 Looking up at his Nana
 sitting at the table like a big boy

 Happy to be on top of the booth
 Going for it.....

Time for some funny pictures!

Cowboy Griffin
 with the drool falling down his chin- classic
 Delaney and Brody...Brody could only reach the girl head :)
 sitting in the carriage 
 I love my little man
 driving the car
 wants to grab the steering wheel so bad!

 little Elvis 
 Delaney Grace

 sweet girl and handsome boy
 The girls with G man

Ending to a great dinner!  Thanks Nana!