Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursdays--Posting by Joe!

Well as everyone knows there are 5 of us in this house who have plenty to be thankful for.  For the past few weeks we have been letting Dan get away with spreading all the happiness with everyone but I think its time  share 2 things that I am thankful for.  The 1st thing is Ernie and Milo!  I am very happy that Danielle pushed me to get Ernie from the creepy dude on the corner sitting in the back of his pick up truck on the corner and I am very happy that Milo came into our life through Josh and Rachel.  They have been an amazing pair to come home to.  No matter how bad a day or long a night they can make you feel so loved and so needed.  Thank you creepy hillbilly from The Hills Have Eyes for Ernie and Thanks Josh and Rachel for Milo!

So the second thought of my rambling is how loved and supported I have felt since the first day I walked into the Kelley's house.  Since that time we have been through a lot, Dan and I gettin hitched, moving a few times and now we have a wonderful son who is amazing I must say, and yes he gets it from his daddy!  But with all this amazing and you from the outside looking in can say perfect life that I have been treated to over the last 4 years, what I believe is the most astonishing thing I have seen and felt as well as realized this  is not normal and something I should cherish is my FATHER IN LAW!  He is the MAN!  Who is sick out of his mind, in bed, no voice and this is on father's day mind you, fixes his son in laws truck?  "Who you ask. Who indeed.  Jim! I say Jim! Hes a bad mutha ... Shut yo mouth Jim I say."  Yes, that's right all this for me and my family when he does not have too, he does it because he wants too!  That's rare from what I hear about in-laws.  But he even went a step further.  You ask how. So I'll tell ya, he was once again sick and my truck again was ill and he came to the rescue,  He could have easily stayed home and told me how to stop a leak in the radiator area but NO he drove the 20 minutes at 7 o'clock while sick and tired and relaxing at home just to make sure I was okay putting the chemical in the radiator and getting to work the next day.  So Dad, THIS WEEKS FOR YOU!

I am 18 weeks old today!