Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our trip to Denver- Day 5

Day 5 -  Wednesday
Coming home

Wednesday we only had time to chill for a bit with uncle Stephen and Grandpa Joe before a little breakfast then it was straight back to DIA

Sitting on the breakfast table

Then we said a very said goodbye to our family and started our long journey to our gate

Chillin at the gate before the flight

Then it was time for our plane ride home!
This time we weren't as lucky to have a row to ourselves, which stunk!

But our little man was still happy as could be!

Then we took off and once again AWESOME turbulence!  This time G was awake, he got super scared it was so sad!  But he had his daddy!  He gripped Joe's shirt pulled himself into Joe's chest and closed his eyes....He slept the ENTIRE way home!

And daddy did too

I hope everyone enjoyed our trip as much as we did!  I know Griffin had so much fun and felt so loved by all his family and friends that he met!  But our little man was pooped!

And that was our 5 days in Denver!