Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our trip to Denver- Day 4

Day 4      - Tuesday
Parks Pictures and More family
On Tuesday we kinda took it easy, we went to a couple parks and did the usual photo sessions

First was one by Joe's dad's house

G's first time at a park 

First swing!

Takin a break to relax

Next was one right by Grandpa Joe's work so we stopped in to say hey and get some lunch!

Time for big photo session--Just a warning

 Looking at the geese 

 Uncle Stephen was the photographer but he needed pictures with G too!
 Stephen loves lil G so much!  He was so good to him!

After our BIG photo session we headed back to the house so G could take a nap but before his nap our little guy did a BIG thing!  HE was propped on a pillow next to Joe and Stephen and all the sudden he did a crunch and SAT UP ALL BY HIMSELF!

That will take a lot out of a guy, so he napped for a bit and then we went to see my Uncle Trev and Yvonne.

 He loved Trev's beard
 Lookin at his cousin Tanner

 Flying with Yvonne

 Baxter wanted in the picture too

Tomorrow will be the last post from our Denver trip