Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our trip to Denver- Day 2

Day 2       - Sunday
Fun at Estes Park and The Stanley

Time to wake up sleepy boy!

On our way to Estes Park, I get car sick and G needs his own seat so all the big boys had to share the back

G fell right to sleep

We arrived at Estes Park and the weather was beautiful!  G loves being outside so it was perfect!  We went on some paddle boats while Griffin hung out with Grandpa Joe

Then I took baby duty so Grandpa could go out and paddle...which I was HAPPY to do...those boats are a monster work out!

Then it was time to hang out a bit and do some fishing!

 He got a hold of my hair...he is a bit grabby these days

 Griffin and Joe with Grandma Sherry, Grandpa Joe, Uncle Stephen a.k.a Shrek, Uncle Matt a.k.a Donkey, and Uncle David a.k.a Puss n' boots
 Me with the group...G holding his first fishing pole!
Time for some shade and some lunch for G
 Uncle Matt with Joe and G

 Such a beautiful place!  Griffin's first time at the lake

Then we went up the street and visited The Stanley.  It is a haunted hotel that was the inspiration for the movie The Shinning, which was surprisingly NOT filmed there.

Super cool fish tank in the lobby

One of the spots that was used for the movie Dumb and Dumber
 sittin on the stage
 Room 217
The room that Stephen King stayed in .... it is haunted by the old maid that worked at the hotel...story is that she worked until the day she died then came back the next day......oooooooooo

after our tour we were all starved!!  Time for dinner ... we ate outside so little Mr. G got bundled up

After dinner it was time to walk the street and look at all the shops
 Both of there faces crack me up!
 --Remember I mentioned earlier that G is a bit grabby right now..Hair is his favorite!
 Hangin with Uncle Shrek

It was a great day but it was time for that little boy to go to bed

Stay tuned for day 3