Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I am thankful for play dates with the girls!

First was Peter Piper!
 Morgan and Jackie on the roller coaster that's inside 

 Entertaining lil G 

 Sweet Morgan and the pink ball Rylee won her
 Rylee and Morgan 

Tuesday was Zoo day!

Waiting in the car for the ladies!

Blowing bubbles and super duper psyched to be there! 

 Time to look around!

playful cubs! They just turned 1 year old!

 baby elephant so cute!
 Brielle hanging out!  Big smiles anytime the camera is out!  Happy girl!
Turtles "playing" .... loudly I will add!
 Morgan was eating crackers and she dropped a couple, this big fella decided to come help himself...Jackie and I took the babies and stepped away leaving poor Morgan there, but she was so brave, Jackie had to tell her not to touch it!  Crazy girl!
 Look how close that thing is!

The 3 babies inside for a minute...Happy Zoo day!

I am 19 weeks old today!