Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I am thankful for Madden 2013!

Now for those of you that know Joe and I, you must be thinking WHAT????? Are you crazy???  Your thankful for the game that your husband is OBSESSED with????  And that's just it...I am.  Not because I secretly LOVE the game or even really like it but it makes the man I love happy so therefore I am thankful for it!  Love your face babe!

I am 22 weeks old today!

 Lovin on his Bronco pillow pet
Look mommy-- "I got daddy's hair!"

I thought this next group of pictures was very appropriate due to what I am thankful for today!
(couldn't pick just one so enjoy them all!)

Little Man sitting in his daddy's video game chair "playing" madden

 This cracks me up...he is concentrating hard on the game

 playing with his controller
 playin hard!
Happy boy....Got to sit in daddy's chair and play with daddy's toy!