Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December...LONG POST

soooooooooo much is wrapped up in this post ...are ya ready?! .... Here we go!


Our first PROFESSIONAL family portrait 

Christmas picture

December Nights at Pantano Church

 Decided to model his outfit

Gettin clean

Already a ladies man with the little girl Kenzie that we watch during the week



 Until he sat with Santa....

Got him to stop crying for a second ... he still was NOT happy
So he played games with daddy 

 Early Christmas present from Aunt Stacy

Mommy got tattoos for Christmas!!! Thanks babe!

Christmas EVE!

A secret Santa dropped off a bag of gifts at Granddaddy and Nana's house

 the boys got helicopters

 The Christmas Elf dropped the PJ's for the kids while we were eating!
 and personalized bears!

 playing with the helicopter

 Sophie relaxin

 Kids had their own table

 Delaney and Griffin had a fun game ... she made the tower and he would knock it down
 and he was VERY happy about it

 Finally in the Christmas PJ's!

We love our Mimi! 


 And a 4 wheeler!
 and of course an awesome tooth brush!
 WHOA!  Wore him out!

Wore all the boys out

Back to Granddaddy and Nana's house

 Poor Sophie...she wanted to join in
 GUESS WHAT....VEGAS ..... COMING SOON! (not just joe, he said he would bring me)
 Lil man playin with my new shoes

 G man got an Ipad mini from his Granddaddy and Nana ... 
This is Joe showing him how to play some games
 My daddy made us a new TV stand....it is GORGEOUS!
 and to end the month....G says...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!