Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let's catch up...

With this post I want to catch you up on what we did over the summer.  Then I will get to work on the post I am so excited about....a post about my brothers WEDDING!  But first ...We moved!  We found an amazing house that is on the northeast side of town, exactly where I want to be.  Oh and let me mention that this is 5 minutes away from my mom and sister.  It is awesome! I want to photo dump on what we did this summer ... here we go!

 Baseball Game

Celebrated the 4th!

Lots of pool time

Goofin' around

Hangin with Kenzie tears!

 We got a fish tank

We just got back from Flagstaff today.  I can not wait to post all the pictures from Josh and Rachels wedding!!  That is my next post!!!