Friday, September 13, 2013

The Kelley Wedding... Part 2--Fun times on Friday

"I'm not doing anything..."

Happy man
 Sweet smiles

 Granddaddy watching the kiddos

 Cousin love

 Goofy face

 He cooked bacon on the was amazing!

Delaney was so helpful with Griffin.  She loves entertaining him!  Griffin also said "Laney" for the first time!
 Picture taken by Delaney Grace Mikkelson
 This one too
 Most of you know that Griffin is an anti-nap kinda kid.  So we thought it would be best to WEAR HIM OUT!  So my dad took Griffin on lots of walks through the forest.  I joined in on this one to take pictures!  The kid loves being outside!

 picking flowers

Bringing one to mama

 walkin the trail

Trying to catch Granddaddy

Got him!  Shoulder ride time
 There are a couple different ways I took this picture...
but I really like them, so I shared them all, bare with me

Stay tuned...more pictures to come!