Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for 1st experiences!

Today was the big day!  Griffin was going to sit on Santa's lap!  He met Santa a couple weeks ago and wasn't scared so I thought today might be okay.

(I told myself a long time ago to let my expectations go of this sweet little cozy moment where G just hugged his neck and it was perfect.....and its a good thing too.)

Oh man what an started out great...G looked super cute and we met Nana and Granddaddy so they could see his first time with Santa.

 waiting to see the big guy ... (can you tell Griff just spotted him...)
 Griffin and I were so happy Joe got to go into work a little later so he could come and be there!

The big moment arrived!  Here we go...
 Check G out looking up at him...this was the moment he realized this is NOT okay!
and then this happened...
 it went from bad to real loud!
 then to just down right pissed!

So I tried to sit with him....
then both daddy and mommy tried ...
(Cracked me up....Santa just kept a smile and giggled the entire time)

SO we picked him up from the "scary" mans lap and tried to make him smile by doing the fun things....


k that didn't work so how about this...

Naughty or nice

 it was close but it turns out he was nice

nothing made him happy....until...
 He got down and got to walk around with Granddaddy

Griffin has officially taken 2 this is all he wants to do now

What a funny it is....the official first picture with Santa
its a picture of the picture with my cell phone, kinda blurry

I am 38 weeks today!

and not a fan of Santa