Wednesday, March 6, 2013

11 months

I have no words....Griffin is 11 months old...

He is independent .... That kid that says "I do it" yea that will be him
He loves to eat ... if it's in a squeeze pack or it's Mac and Cheese
He very much enjoys throwing food to the dogs....or at me
He says a few words...HI, Mama, Dada, Ha (hat), ook (book), and his newest addition...grddadadada (Granddaddy) 
He is SOOOO much like Joe and I ... it's scary
And with becoming more and more like Joe and I, he has FOR SURE found his not so little temper.  My mom keeps telling me this is a good thing...I think she is crazy! :)

The next few weeks will be spent planning a big birthday bash for our little man!
(Just a warning...a lot of the pictures are similar but I couldn't pick just one, so PHOTO DUMP)

I am 11 months old!

 Someone stole mommy's phone

 (this is a look into my future)

 throwing the phone....
 Sad for being in trouble for throwing the phone
 over being sad

don't worry the box is empty- sorry Christy it is still diet coke)

Griffin is LOVING the park!

 checking out the older kids

 first time swinging

 very pleased

now swinging with daddy...way more fun!

 time to go run
 just making sure its clear

 no hand daddy... "I DO IT!"
 hey look who came!  Granddaddy and Nana

 My boys

 Trying to keep Griffin from running to the desert
 Daddy picked him up from falling


Unofficial Measurements
Height - 28 inches
Weight - 22 lbs