Saturday, March 30, 2013

Griffin's Rookie Year Celebration! Big #1!

We had Griffin's first birthday party last weekend!  It was amazing!  We had it at my parents house...they spent all week making sure everything looked perfect.  My sister made an amazing smash cake for Griffin and a cupcake field for everyone else.  

I NEVER knew how much actually goes into a kid birthday party!  Holy Moly!  Between goodie bags and decorations...and invitations and for the party...jumping castle or not...Whoa! A LOT of stuff!  But it all came together so great!  I spent so much time preparing and being so excited then the party came and went in a blink of an eye...I am not so great at party's ...I get overwhelmed and don't know where to be...luckily Joe is great and so is all my family so they help me out.  We are blessed with the most amazing friends and family.  I am flabbergasted when I think about all the people who came and showed love for Griffin.  I am about to show you a a TON of pictures (thank you photographer Missy for manning the camera).  But we had a lot of loved ones that were unable to make it so I want everyone that was not there to feel like you were!  
Here we go...Hope you got lots of time!
(oh and if you don't catch on just by looking at the pictures..It is an NFL football party)

Amazing cupcake football field -- THANK YOU AUNT NICOLE

I am SUPER proud of this!  My mom and I worked real hard while my daddy entertained Griffin....It is a picture from every month of his life.  His football life banner! .It was hard to get a good picture of it...

More cute decorations

 Awesome jumping castle!  G and daddy watching the big kids

 Lizzie and Dylan jumping

 Brody goin in!

K So I know it doesn't look like he is having too much fun in a bunch of these pictures but I swear he had a ball!!
 Meeting the guests
 havin a bite
 trying to get to the big kid drinks

Katie, Mary, Viri, Naye-lli and Nolan
 Rylee and Ryan
 Time for ball play

 love this face
Saying hello to Castiel 
 kids jumping like crazy

 Gettin my buddy back out to the party

 Sand box play time for the girls
 Blaine ridding the big wheel

 Stace and Matt
 Big wheel time for G

 Griffin is IN LOVE with the wagon!

Lisa, Aubrey and Jack

 Blaine pulling his sister Reagan around
 Cake time!  His AWESOME smash cake!  -- AGAIN THANK YOU AUNT NICOLE!

  Singing Happy Birthday -- He was confussed

 I think he thought he was going to be in trouble ... so I helped out

 Finally got him to taste it

 He enjoyed it!

 And really liked while people clapped!

 He was done after 
 Then thought it would be fun to get cake all over me

 Talking with Chrissy and Tacia

 Look at how lucky this boy is...

 More wagon....and keeping his eye on Missy with the camera
 Blaine pointing at bubbles
 Gina, Julian, Rene, and Brenda
 Matty T
 Photographer Missy
 Roy, Gio, Joe and Griffin leaving
 Gio...such a cutie!
 bye bye jumping castle

 Julian pulling little Gio
 Cutie Mason loving his balloons
 one happy man

 Jess and Gio
 Back home after the party...dirty boy... getting ready for bed