Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day after the party....Present time....

The day after his birthday we opened the presents...He was little tired the actual day of the party so we waited...and he is not really into opening gifts which is just weird since he loves destroying I did most the opening off camera but he did pick a few to open himself...oh and he loves balloons! (by the way...he is FILTHY in all these)

 Hat is one of the words he says...
 even if he always rips them off his head

 opening his card he got in the mail from mimi and pepaw

 Let me explain the bag of veggies on my knee....Griffin tripped while holding his new vtech book that is apparently really heavy because it hit my knee and I was brought to tears....He felt bad so he was kissing it to make me feel better

 rockin with Elmo

 He had a cupcake from his party for desert....thought we would try him diving in one more time
 WHOA WHOA likes it!!!

Still more birthday fun to come!