Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas part 2 of 3 - hope you got lots of time for pictures

Christmas Eve

Every year we go to church with our family on Christmas Eve, this year was no different! However....there is no child care on Christmas Eve so G joined us....He did good for a while then the sitting was getting old, so I stood in the back with him for a few then Granddaddy came to the rescue and they walked around outside.  After church there are always pictures!

Nana and Granddaddy with all the littles! 
 Daddy and G

 We tried getting all the kids to sit together and smile.... exhausting 

 Get me outta here!
 Then there is a tradition at my parents house ... one of Santa's elf's comes and drops off PJ's for the kids while we are at church...
 This was Griffin's first year! (Obviously) The elf left super cute PJ's for him!
 and his dinner bib
 He just tried a chip....really enjoyed it!
 Delaney and her puppy that the elf brought her
 Brody man chillin
 Joe with his holiday nog
 watching Elf on the was intense
 Uncle Joe and Delaney

 Delaney LOVES feeding Griffin and Griffin LOVES when she feeds him, it might be a bit messier but its fun to watch!

 Brody was busy organizing presents with Nicole (she is DEFINITELY her son)
 No words required...
 Then it was time to open the presents my Mimi and Granddaddy (Griffin's Peepaw and Mimi) brought for the kids....this was G's first present! 

 Daddy helped

 Then we tried another one
 This toy that my Grandparents got for Griffin is RIDICULOUS!  Once it starts giggling it doesn't stop! Thanks guys!

 Having a moment with Granddaddy!
 Finally excited about the present opening

 oooooo paper

 time for steps!

 aren't the PJ's freakin adorable!

 His "Captain Morgan" stand!
 More presents....

 playing with Aunt Nicole and the gift from her and Uncle Eric
 We tried to get the kids in their PJ's ....G was not thrilled

 I love Santa's Little Helper!