Sunday, January 6, 2013

Griffin Michael is 9 months old!

Our man is 9 months!
taking steps
saying "mama"

Weight - 19 lbs 8 oz
He lost almost 1 and 1/2 lbs though... Dr said it can happen because he is so active now
Height - 27.5 inches
(my unofficial height measurement last month was way off...he did not shrink I swear)

Food - G is an AWESOME eater!  He loves his foods!  His favorites are Mac and Cheese, Turkey, sweet potatoes, and squash but his absolute fav is a mix of mango, sweet potato and millet (anyone know what a millet is??)

Sleep - He is officially sleeping through the night!  He goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00.  People may say this is too early but it works for him, he gets tired early!  He wakes up pretty early, normally between 5:00 and 6:00.  we have tried pushing the bedtime to later so he sleeps in later, but no matter what time he goes to bed he is up early...  He still is needing two naps a day, early morning and in the afternoon around 1:00.  Up until yesterday he was NOT napping at all, so the days were long but it yesterday he took two really good naps so I am hoping it sticks!

Physical - Our little man is taking steps!  DAILY!  He has gotten up to about six at a time!  I can not believe he is already at this stage it is just insane!  Not only does he pull himself up on EVERYTHING but he also can stand up all by himself and squat down all by himself too! Besides steps he loves dancing while watching Mickey and jamming out to his new music table.  He has also figured out clapping and patting....he loves both!

Language -  Griffin says MAMA!!!  I have witnesses too!  He says it whenever he is upset, which makes it impossible to resist picking him up...Herarely says it when he is not crying,when he does it is adorable!  The first time I said come to mama...He smiled said "mama" and then started walking over to me. My eyes teared up!  He also can do a "Paaaa" sound and has said "bye bye" once.  His fav though is still the tarzan yell!

Temperament -   He is a stubborn little cuss!  His least favorite thing to do is be still...which makes changing his diaper almost IMPOSSIBLE.  He is a super happy boy however I do see both Joe and I's temper in him...Uhhhh oooooooo!

Likes - Hair!  weird right???  He has a major hair OBSESSION!  He has to play with my hair to fall asleep and anytime he sees long hair he gives a big grin.  He loves Mickey Mouse, pots and pans, dropping everything to watch you pick it up, bath time, electronics, puppies, getting into EVERYTHING, and 
throwing the ball for Milo.

Dislikes- anything that involves being still.  Diaper changes and napping especially.

So that is our little guy at 9 months old!  He went to the Dr and he said he is way advanced in his mobility, which is awesome but scary at the same time!  I can NOT believe he is already 9 months old!  I hope you all enjoyed my millions of pictures, but just remember while your wondering to yourself "is it really necessary to post all these pictures??"  Yes it is....this is going to be his baby book...our photo album, our memories :)