Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas part 3 of 3 .... A ton more pictures! --- Like a ton

Christmas Day!

Look what Santa left for Griffin's first Christmas morning

Time for Griffin to check it out!

ooo, look what this does

Cutest PJ's ever!

K's time for presents

We had to check out the stocking first....
super excited for his phone!

Pause for Mickey...His favorite place to watch it

then Nana and Granddaddy got to our house and it was time to open presents with them

 I want the big one Granddaddy!

 Then we bundled up and walked around the corner to see the Mikkelsons!
 walkin with his daddy
Delaney and Brody
 G having some moments with Aunt Nicole

 Brody got a spiderman web shooting thing.... Granddaddy helped put it on ... and then
 He got Eric
 and was very pleased!
 Then he got Nicole
 and was even more pleased (blogger loaded this pic funny)
 He knocked off Granddaddy
 Then came after me
 We left after that cause Delaney and Griffin were not thrilled with the shooter

Boys took a little nap before the next session of presents
 round 2 and time to play with new toys

love this bootie 

 seriously??  Do you think this little man is spoiled or what>>

 forget the new toys....let splay with the empty boxes

 Then it was round 3 (yes I am serious) at my parents house...Look what Santa brought for Joe and I
 Griffin wanted out and the dogs wanted in

 wearing daddy's hat
 Christmas dinner

 Our happy little man had a FABULOUS first Christmas!  We are so blessed to have all these wonderful people in our lives!