Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm a big boy now! 6 months old!

Griffin Michael is a whole 6 months old!!  It is just nuts!  Where has the time gone?  It is so crazy to me to think that only 6 short months ago he was this tiny 7 lb blob!  Now he has his very own personality that grows DAILY!

6 months means the Dr!

on our way

 I am always early and the office hadn't even opened we waited in the car...G loved watching the cars drive by

 getting weighed and measured

 "mommy pick me up!"
 Cuddle time
 "Wait....whats going to happen"


 Then the Dr. came in and the pictures stopped.  Poor little man got 4 shots!
 He was so tired after....

Looking at a friends blog this past week and loving what she does I decided to adopt it!  Thanks Anabelle!

Weight - 17 lbs 11 oz
Height - 26 inches
Food - Griffin's favorite foods are pears and sweet potatoes.  He REALLY DISLIKES green beans and peas are iffy.

 And his new favorite thing to do while eating is get the spoon rubbed back and fourth on his gums...He thinks it is soooo funny

Sleep -  Well...the past two months Griffin has been a horrible sleeper!  We are talkin a couple 20 min naps during the day and walking up every hour at night!  But last week we did the HORRIBLE cry it out method....the doctor said it was pretty much our only choice because he was not getting enough sleep and it wasn't healthy, so with encouragement from WONDERFUL friends, a prayer and a strong husband by my side we did it!  It started hard!  He was waking up at 9pm and 4am no matter what!  But two nights ago we beat it!  He slpet from 7pm - 5:00am!!  It's been 2 nights in a row now!  INSANE!!  Naps...yea those still suck.  But I said I would only let him cry if I could see him so we got a video here is his new favorite sleeping position....(a picture of the screen)

His new thing....I leave him for a nap and when I check on him he is trying to escape

Physical - Griffin sits up all by himself!  He has been doing this for about a month but now he can rock forward onto all fours, then he usually plops down on his "budda belly" as it is now called.  It is just a matter of time until he is crawling!  For now he sorta army crawls, face down pulling himself with his arms and pushing with his legs, he looks like a caterpillar.  He rolls constantly while getting dressed, getting his diaper changed and his newest one is while he is being held getting a bottle...awesome.  He can almost pull up all by himself!  Which he is very happy about because he hates sitting still!  He pulls up on me and starts "jumping" (with my help) and that is what he wants to do ..ALL DAY! At least my arms will be good right?
(His October PJs)
 Going for it....
 Going for it...
 gonna get it
 Back up!
 and back down
 Rollin...(nice dog hair on him)
 dogs watchin him roll and freakin a bit

 Happy boy to be rollin!
Holding himself up

Sittin pretty for mama
 Trying to get down

 But mama moved him back!

Language - Griffin LOVES to hear his own voice!  He mostly Tarzan yells but I swear I hear a "hiiiiiii" and a "Maaaa" every now an then :)
Temperament -  This boy knows what he wants! and what he does not!!  He HATES being put to sleep.  If he realizes he is falling asleep he will yell at you or sing to keep himself awake until you give up or he falls asleep.  He LOVES being held as long as you are standing up or he is jumping on your lap.  Outside is his FAV place to be!  He is the happiest boy as long as he is busy, busy busy busy!  (we are screwed when he learns to walk!)

Likes - The boy LOVES being held!  He loves anything and everything in his mouth.  He is really fond of pulling hair and earrings.  He likes the sound of his voice so he enjoys singing with you.  His favorites are "Jesus loves me", "I've been working on the railroad" and the theme song my mom gave him "I love you Griffin" - Its from Bye Bye Birdie just substitute Griffin for Birdie :)

More random photos...

Chillin with the dogs

 Milo kinda looks scary...But I swear he is playing

watching dancing with the stars
 My 3 little boys
 Milo and G in a very serious discussion!
 Both checking out the phone
Love this face
 ...into the couch

 Making it difficult for daddy to watch the game

We are a Bronco lovin fam!

Found himself in the mirror

laying with Granddaddy

I am 6 months old!!