Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my husband.

Most of you know how Joe and I meet, but for those of you that don't I will give a brief synopsis.

I was a cocktail waitress/beer tub girl at the Cactus Moon about 5 and half years ago.  I wanted a job that I had never done before where I could meet lots of fun people...I quickly began loving EVERYTHING about the Moon!  It was awesome, the people I worked with were amazing and the "regulars" that came in were hilarious!  Joe was one of those "regulars"- we saw him in there every Wednesday and Saturday night.  Him and his buddy used to come in and be "slick" with the ladies -(take notice to the quotes)

But we actually go back to the first night I stared serving alone.  It was a Wednesday night of Rodeo week which means SUPER BUSY!  He was the first table I waited on!  He didn't know it but I did...He would be mine!

A few weeks later he was standing in my way at the bar...I shamelessly flirted and NOTHIN!  Well fine I thought...he is really going to make me work!  Then one night I wore my dad's old practice football shirt from high school

Turns out...Joe went to Northgleen....That did it!  I got his attention... FINALLY!

From there things just progressed!

 He went from being the cute guy at the bar that came to visit me

to my boyfriend

to my boyfriend/roommate

We started taking trips together all the time....Mexico, Tubing, Vegas, Colorado, Vegas, Missouri, Vegas...did I mention Vegas?

Then on our summer trip to where you ask....Vegas, 
he became my fiance

then my husband

Then after a short year and a half of marriage he became the father of our baby boy

And now?
Joe is all those things and more....
he is silly and ridiculous but serious and firm
he is confident and knows what he wants in life
he is
my trip companion
my snuggle buddy
my dance partner
my sports coach
my cheerleader
my husband
my son's amazing father
and my best friend

Joe is the type of man who puts his family first.  Looking into his eyes I see how much love he has for Griffin and me (and Ernie and Milo).  He is the guy who works his bootie off so that I can have my dream of staying home with our son.  He is the friend who drops what he is doing to be there for a buddy.  

He is the guy I can laugh with, cry with, tell my secrets to, dance with, be goofy with and be myself with.  Now don't get me wrong we DO NOT always agree, or even agree to disagree, but that is the beautiful thing about it...we know we are forever and we know we are doesn't have to be perfect...

I could not be more blessed in the man that God put into my life.  He is my other half...
Joe is a blessing that I will always be thankful for...

Babe, Thank you for you!

I am 28 weeks old today!
 Trying to escape again

 He loves his puppy

 Sweet lil innocent boy

 "So this is the camera you watch me with huh???"
 "I don't think so...."
 Playing on the floor is his favorite thing to do these days

Sleepy boy watching Mickey
 Milo and Ernie keep him company....but at a safe distance
He figured out the TV was behind him and he thought it was a better idea just to strain himself rather then turn his seat around...(the seat spins)

 Notice the onesie??
 That's right...he represents! 
 This is how a G rolls

Watchin TV...changing the channel just like Daddy
All my little boys chillin

 This is what Milo does while I rock G....
 and this is what Ernie does

Funny story....we were walking through Safeway and I took a picture of G pulling on Joe's head...
.HE LOVES being on shoulders....

....then some random guy walking by said "It would make a great picture if you all got in it!  Get together, give me the phone!" 
So we laughed awkwardly and he snapped a photo
"Good one!"-Random guy
So thank you random guy for our super cute family photo in the cereal isle.