Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7 months old!

7 months??????  I feel like it was just yesterday I was doing his 6 month post!  The time goes by faster and faster!  Our little guy is not so little anymore!  And man let me tell ya...HE IS FAST!   I believe I mentioned last week...picture taking is getting really hard!  SO here are my best attempts! (ready for a bazillion pictures?)

I am 7 months old!

 Going for Randal

 Lookin up at his Nana
 G has been making real goofy faces lately....

 This is my sexy pose!
 Playing hard to get
 Oh look...Remote!  (just like his daddy)
 We watch what I WANT!
Goof Ball hanging in his crib

 Yes...HE stands up in his crib ALL BY HIMSELF!
 Peeking over
 And he figured out where the changing table is....
 with fun straps to chew on
 HE figured out how to walk by hold the rail.... 
from here to.....
 to grab this....

That was exhausting!  Nap time...THANK GOODNESS!

More fun ACTION shots from out week....(action is pretty much all I get now)

oooooo...a box

 standing and holding on to mama's legs
 watching tv
 Milo enjoys playing with G as long as G stays where Milo can see him....

and he is over it
 Should I crawl....
 YEA!!!!  One step...
 and.... SQUIRREL!

 HE face makes me laugh.... Milo just kissed him...His mouth is clean right???
 Sports Center....

Spot Milo!
 Had to put the camera down to save Milo...G got re-positioned
 Then he followed me to the kitchen...Guess this is a basket that needs to move...

What's in here??
 I'm up!

 What is in here????
 Feeling around.....
 lookin in....

 Get some leverage....
 MAN!!!! Momma got me!
 Oh well

Griffin Michael at 7 months old
(unofficial- at home measurements)

Weight: 19 lbs
Height: 27 in