Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my routine.

For those of you that know me, you know I wasn't a fan of the same old thing all the time.....I WASN'T....Key word there....add a bouncy baby boy to my life and it changed that (along with pretty much everything else)

Joe and I went to Vegas this past week to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and Joe's 32nd birthday.  It was a blast! (Post to come)  But when we got home and "back into the swing of things" I realized how OUTTA WACK things can actually get!

Now I am not saying my routine is perfect or even that everything gets done....But it does help us function better!  And I LOVE our routine!  Hopefully by Sunday we will be back in it all the way again!  Except there is a slight change....We have a VERY mobile baby (not full on crawling but he has no desire to do that because he is SUPER FAST this way) so when the dogs eat breakfast and dinner this is now an addition to our day....

The rotating dog bowl...Poor Ernie...He was a good sport

Spot the dog bowl and go

mom moves dog bowl

Find dog bowl again
 GO fast!

mom moves dog bowl

 She isn't moving it.... GO FOR IT
 GOT IT! -(notice the blur...that would be cause I"m moving the camera to get to the bowl)
 Forget the dog bowl lets go bug Milo

 Crawling is too slow...let's slide!

 Going back to the living room....
 stop to watch Sports Center - (seriously)
and that was all in just a 5 minute time period!

I am 30 weeks old today!!

And now that he is ALL OVER THE PLACE trying to get non action shot pictures is near IMPOSSIBLE!  Here are my best efforts

 Going for Ernie's toes
 Yes our baby has a couple bruises....He is QUICK and he boncked his head....he is a trooper though!

On the move
 Went to the mall and tried this awesome hat on

 Messy boy!

 going for the broom

Hanging with Milo

What up mama
Watching t.v. with daddy and Ernie

 I'm gonna get you!
 Here I come!
 ooooo Daddy's back pack!
Played too hard and fell asleep on daddy

In the play pen just hanging
 Think he has a couple toys to play with???
 Precious Man with his football