Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I am thankful for MOPS.

MOPS is a group at my church that I just joined.  It is Mothers of Preschoolers.  My mom had been telling me all summer that I needed to join this group and I was very reluctant.  Sitting with a group of women I don't know talking about my personal life???  Very much outside my comfort zone.  But after my days started to get a little lonely with Joe at work most the time I decided to try it out...whats the worst that could happen?

So the first Tuesday of September my sister and I packed up the little men (Delaney is in school) and headed to church.  I was super nervous and a little uncomfortable at first but I did think it was sorta neat.  Then the next meeting I went to I REALLY got into it.

There is something AMAZING about sitting with a group of strangers and in two short hours feeling like you can open up to them.  These women know whats going on in my life...we can relate to one another...and they are already so encouraging whenever I have a challenge.

Now I know your thinking what does lil G do during this time?  Sit quietly and listen .... yea right....  The other awesome thing about MOPS is they offer FREE care for our littles!  MOPPETS is what they call them!  G hasn't stayed in the nursery the entire time all days but he tries his best and the AWESOME volunteers try to keep him busy so I can relax...did I mention my sister is one of those awesome volunteers??  Well she is.  So G does feel comfortable with his Aunt Nicole and he is starting to love all the other women there as well, especially one special lady that actually got him to sleep this past Tuesday!

This MOPS group has been a HUGE blessing in my life and I believe it is helping lil G be even more social than he is and its helping him get a little independence from mommy (because right now he does NOT take his eyes off me).

It has only been a month and I already have made some amazing friends and am learning so much about myself.  Thanks mom so much for pushing me to join.  I am so excited for all that is to come with this group!

I am 27 weeks old today!

When we joined MOPS G became a MOPPET and got a super cute onesie!
He was rockin it today...but he made pictures a bit difficult...the only smile he gave me I cut off his head :(