Wednesday, April 10, 2013

12 months ago....Griffin was born...Part 1 of his 12 month post!

We have a 1 year old little boy!  What??  Me??  That is what goes through my head as I sit here to start this blog post.

I hope you are ready for a long story cause that is what is about to happen....I am going to take you back to the day I found out I was pregnant all the way to the night Griffin was born.  Don't worry I won't get too graphic, just maybe a little TMI here we go people...back in time...

Back to July 20th 2011, the night I found out I was pregnant.  I took the test and was thinking it was probably negative, was going to play a funny joke on Joe and pretend it was positive....well joke was on me.

Fast forward to November 21st...the day we were going to find out the sex of the baby.  During the exam we found out a that I had two placentas instead of the normal one and the baby's cord was missing a vein.  The Dr also said she could confirm the sex of the baby, we decided to do a baby reveal with our family so the Dr. wrote it down on a piece of paper put it in an envelope and that went to Party City where NO ONE knew what was being filled in our box until we opened it up.  We went to my parents house and skyped in Josh and Rachel and Joe's family too.  Then we found out....

we were having a boy!  It was exactly what I was hoping for!  I know most women want girls to dress up and blah blah blah but all I could think about was girl drama I was praying for a boy!  All we had to do was come up with a name...sounds so much easier then it actually is....ESPECIALLY with Joe as my husband who thought up the WEIRDEST names!  But we settled on Griffin, a strong name with cute nick names... Griff, Fin...cute.  Then we picked his middle name, Michael, named after a best friend of Joe's that had passed away in December the year I was pregnant.

The name was perfect, Griffin Michael Geck...LOVE IT!

Then we fast forward to March, the last month of my pregnancy...can we say UNCOMFORTABLE!  Holy moly that is an understatement.

 I had officially started to swell in my ankles and feet, we are talking I could leave an indention when I pressed on them with my finger.  I was SO over going to the Dr.  Because of the problems with Griffin's cord and the extra placenta we had to go every two weeks instead of just once a month.  It was a blessing because we got to see him and we have A TON of pictures but by this point I just wanted to meet him not see him in black and white on a screen.

My last visit to the Dr we decided to induce, on March 28th so that meant the babe would be born on March 29th...AWESOME we have an end date in site is what I was thinking!  I worked up until 3 days before, I finally just couldn't be on my feet anymore.

March 28th....

we are off to the hospital.. I was checked in and had started my awesome nasty drink by 8:00 pm.  we all figured it would be late morning when Griffin would arrive....(25 hours of labor was NOT on my list of things I wanted to do)

By the time we had reached 10:00 am on March 29th, there was still little progress, I was having contractions but I couldn't even feel them so the Dr. decided to take some action...POP went the water, on came the PAIN!  Whoooa, they did not feel fantastic but I could still hang so I told Joe to go ahead and go home to check on the dogs and shower cause it was going to be a long day.  My mom came when Joe left so I wouldn't be alone, and I swear the minute he left the contractions hit a new level of pain.

I never understood how women couldn't explain the pain when I'd ask....they would always answer with, "The type of pain can not be hurts like hell though"  You really can not describe the is not fun!

I knew going into this that I wanted the good stuff...the epidural.  I wanted Joe there with me when I got it, he was still gone but my contractions were lasting about 1 min and 2 mins apart and they were taking my breath away!  So my mom called him and told him so hurry...he got back to the hospital and not even 10 minutes later was I feeling better.

Now it was just a waiting game...My mom and sister came to the hospital to see how I was...I was feeling WONDERFUL, everything was going good and the Dr. assured them that it would not be anytime soon, probably not even before midnight, so they went to the cafeteria to grab some food.  Well of course....5 minutes after they leave the room the heart machine starts going crazy and about eight doctors and a few nurses come flying into the room.  We knew something was wrong by the whispering and the look on their faces.  My Dr calmly walked over to me and said Griffin's heart rate had dropped to low for him to go through anymore stress and he would not be able to handle a normal delivery, we needed to do an emergency c-section.  My heart sank, I looked at Joe and he was trying so hard to stay strong for me because he knew I was scared.  He quickly got dressed into his killer scrubs, called my mom and sister who came flying back to the room, and off we went....15 minutes later.... Our perfect little guy was born.  No problems at all!  It was so amazing!

 The horrible thing about a c-section (besides the entire thing) is that I didn't get to see him be born or be the first to hold him....They took him away to another room and I had to look out the door and listen for his cry...they finally brought him in to see me and I still couldn't hold him...then they took him away and Joe got to go while I was glued back together....

 FINALLY!!!  About an hour and half later I got to hold my little man
Wow, that moment is framed in my heart forever.

I hope you enjoyed learning about how our 1 year old Griffin Michael entered the world!  This is part 1 of his 12 month post...part 2 soon!