Friday, April 12, 2013

Part 2... The 123's and ABC's of Griffin...

So Part 1 was sharing how Griffin got here...Now I thought I would share a little bit about him now....

Very random 1, 2, 3's of Griffin...

1 - nap a day (hopefully)

2 - how many dogs he has

3 -the number of body parts he can point to. Head, Belly, Toes

4 - shots he got for his 1 year check up

5 - pairs of shoes he has that are nicer than mine

6 - the hour he wakes up

7 -  the number of words he can say.  Mama, dada, hat, duck, dog, book, hi

8 - total number of teeth, 4 on top 4 on bottom (just today got his 4th on bottom)

9 - the time he was born (well 9:09 to be exact)

10 - months old when he started to run (walking was at 9)

11 - total hours he sleeps at night (that's right!  great night sleeper!)

12 - months is how old he is now

13 - minutes is how long it takes us to get out the door

14 - oz of WHOLE MILK he drinks a day (NO MORE FORMULA)

15 - minutes of reading before bed

16 - minutes of rolling around before he falls back to sleep in the early morning

17 - times we will do the drop/pick up game in the store before I can't anymore

18 - the day in December he took his first steps

19 - inches when he was born (19.75)

20 - minutes - how long his bath is

21 - shoes that he throws into the tub on a daily basis

22 - lbs is what he weighs now (22.5)

23 -balls he has that we cannot find  

24 - minutes is how long his naps usually last

25 - hours of labor to get him here

26 - number of fruit loops that fit in his cup

27 - times he will say/yell mama in an hour

28 - how many times he hears I love you a day

29 - of March was the day he born

Ready for more... How about the A B C's

A - Alert.  Griffin was born so alert...eyes wide open to the world!

B - Budda Belly.  He has the most wonderful budda belly!  It is so cute!

C - Cheesy.  He is obsessed with cheese!

D - Dimple.  That deep dimple can make you weak in the knees.

E - Extra Dramatic.  This boy is as dramatic as they come!

F - Flirt.  HE is going to be trouble!  He bats those big eyes and gives the dimple to the ladies.  Automatically you have to fall in love. (yes I may be biased)

G - Gets down.  He knows how to shake it and drop it like its hot.

H - Hugs.  He has started giving such tight squeezing hugs!  He wraps his tiny arms around your neck and squeezes so hard!  It can make your heart melt.

I - Impatient.  Wonder where he gets that....not from me :)

J - Jabberwockey.  Griffin's got his own language.

K - King.  This little dude rules the house, and he knows it.

L - Loud.  He likes to hear himself talk...loudly.

M - Mama's boy.  Nuf said.

N - Noisy. Loves to make as much noise as possible!  Pots and pans are his favorite to throw around!

O - Outside.  He loves being outside.  The only time he is super unhappy is when he can't be outside or when we are bringing him in from being outside...that's loud!

P - Pushing and Pulling. He really enjoys pushing things and pulling hair.

Q - Quick.  He gets to anything and everything he shouldn't very quickly!

R - Runner.  He has pretty much conquered the walking world and now its all about running.

S - Smart.  It is crazy to me how smart this kid is.  He can figure anything out.  It is not so great for mommy and daddy.

T - Temper Temper.  Let's just say he has a big one!

U - Under things.  He loves to lay down on the floor and look under things to find his toys.

V-  Very Busy.  You will never be bored hanging with this kid.  He always has something he wants to be doing.

W - Wiggler.  HE NEVER SITS STILL! Diaper change is like trying to grab a greased pig.  (believe it or not I do have experience with this)

X - eXcited.  When he gets excited he gets EXCITED!  He almost falls over.

Y - Yackity yack.  The child has a lot to say.  Talks all day long!

Z - ZZZZZzzzz ... Sleeps great at night!

Part 3 tomorrow...I think this might end up being a 4 parter....