Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March 29th 2013... Griffin's Birthday!

For Griffin's actual day of birth, we had a busy day!  We started at the Zoo with a couple great friends...Jessica, her son Giovanni, and her man Roy came and met us.  It was a blast and the kids did awesome!  I took the wagon because it is Griffin's new obsession.  He looks for it EVERY time we go to my parents house.  (but that is a blog for a different day)

All ready to go in
Look at those checks!

See's the giraffes...his favorite of the day

They were so close, I was trying to get a good picture of the boys and the giraffes, but Griffin would not take his eyes off, but I got a "cheeeeeeese" from Gio

Trying so hard to get to them

The zoo has a very impressive elephant area with lots of stuff for kids to do...
How much does Gio weigh???  32ish lbs if I remember right
How about Griffin??  22ish lbs if I remember right
He just realized he was free...that is why there is a smile!
Jess spankin the elephant...the noise that comes out after is very interesting ...

Griffin's favorite thing to do...push the wagon!

I love Jess in the background...her arms are open wide cause Roy has just arrived !

G and Gio snackin 

Sweet boy
Too cute!
Checkin out what Giovanni has
Someone needed to break free...getting him to leave was LOUD!  He was not happy!

After we left the park we went to meet my mom, sister, and Delaney and Brody to have a birthday lunch!

 Not a fan of his hat

 Delaney Grace
Brody James

Hat is back on! 

 He found his balloon

He had the table next to us crackin up which was making him crack up

 Break from lunch to play games

Seeing all three of them standing next to each other just shows me how much he has grown this past year...He is one of the littles now...a kiddo...not a baby :(
 The Little Anthony's staff was so great!  
They announced his birthday over the mic and came and sang to him...he enjoyed it so much! 

Then they tried to do the traditional two kisses on the check but he kept checking out the brunette so she finally just landed one on his head while the other girl held back...way too cute!

After this Delaney thought she should try!
 Griffin thought maybe not!
But Delaney is persistent
so she got one
 Trying for another....

After lunch and a SHORT nap we went to bring daddy cupcakes at work

Then we finished the day with Stacy and watching the KU game.  Stacy brought over shirts for us to wear during the game, and since she doesn't have a 1 year old's KU shirt laying around she brought her brothers from when he was younger....we tied it and he looked a little homeless but still too cute!

He got a birthday present in this soccer bag and he is obsessed with it now

 watching the game with Stace

It was a super fun day!!  But not the end of the birthday festivities! We still had the weekend!
  (And don't take this for his 12 month post...that will be after his DR. appt! )