Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Sunday Funday!

We started with a trip (on Saturday) to see the Easter Bunny.  If you all remember the Santa Clause episode (VERY UNHAPPY)  I had some pretty low expectations.  Figured he would scream and freak out...I mean the Easter Bunny is kinda creepy looking....

waiting to see him
 Here we go...
"K mommy, if you sit here I will sit here..."
So here is out shot

Then Sunday came...Happy Easter!  Of course we started our morning at Church.

Griffin LOVES that he gets to walk around now

 Not so thrilled here when I picked him up for a picture
 My mom and dad got us these for Griffin and one for Joe and I.  They put the Bible in chronological order.  I am so excited for this series at Church!

Then a little bit of relaxing before going to Nana and Granddaddy's house

Easter is always at Nana and Granddaddy's.  This year was a bit weird because it was just the 4 of us...Joe, Griffin, me and Nana (and the doggies).  Granddaddy was at work and Brody was sick so the MIkkelson's couldn't come.  We still had a good afternoon and G had a ball!!

Look at that big boy walking up to the door
 He is so independent...tear
 The Easter Bunny came!

 Look Mommy!
 The Bunny put cheese puffs in the eggs...YUMMY!
 ALL in the mouth at once!
 playroom time...the big 1 is from his party...well worth the money!

 apparently Griffin thought he needed a time out
 just kidding!
 Those raised eyebrows just kill me
 watching some basketball with his daddy, just adoring him

 Time to hunt for eggs!

ooops...wall there buddy

 "come on mama!"
 "Got one!"
 and of course....
 had to put the egg by the balls so he would want it...going for the egg....
 maybe not...
 the ball is more fun
Over the hunt

 so excited cause he found a....

 Skyping with Mimi and Peepaw

Notice our photo-bomber, Randal?

 Loving the bubbles

 sweet Sophie pausing for a picture
 and kisses!

 Getting Griffin to sit still is pretty much impossible...HE IS BUSY

yard work
 He found something....

 We did his one last cake for his birthday weekend....(yes it kinda melted while we were playing)

We had a fantastic Easter weekend!  
He is Risen...He is Risen Indeed!